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We offer a variety of FSC® certified, recycled and responsibly printed, green folder marketing products.

Whether it's through our products or our partnerships, we're producing quality presentation solutions while working for a greener tomorrow. If you’re interested in exploring environmentally friendly options for your project, we’ll gladly offer assistance. There are a number of ways we can help you support the green effort.

Vegetable-based vs. Soy-based inks

We use vegetable-based inks standard. But what's the difference between vegetable-based inks and soy-based inks? Find out more here

Green Products

The 100% Post-consumer recycled Envirofolder
The Envirofolder®

FSC certified and 100% recycled EFP - Envirofolder Premium

The 100% Post-consumer recycled Enviro-binder
The Enviro-binder

Send mail the environmentally concious way with the Enviropak from Independent Printing
The Enviropak

Print on bamboo folders with the TRI-PANda folder from Independent Printing
Frosted Envirofolder®


Volpe Packaging's  Enviro-line of products are printed with low-VOC vegetable-based inks on 100% post-consumer recycled stocks.

Listed below are Independent Printing's environmental organizations.

Independent Printing is FSC certified, supporting responsible management of the world's forests.

Volpe Packaging is an FSC certified printer supporting responsible management of the world's forests. We adhere to the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council™ as a Chain of Custody supplier. We received our FSC certification by the Rainforest Alliance SmartWood Program, and we follow the Forest Stewardship Council’s rigid standards.

NatureWise renewable energy partner
Have your printing job produced with renewable energy! Independent Printing is a proud supporter of NatureWise. As part of the NatureWise program, we are reserved an amount of kilowatt hours coming from a variety of renewable energy power facilities we have locally. How it works: We know how many kilowatt hours of electricity it takes to produce a job, and we allot that time to be used accordingly.
Smartway transport partner
Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Partnership is founded on the premise that partners are committed to programs and management practices reducing greenhouse gas in freight transportation. Independent works diligently to improve our fleet’s fuel efficiency. We operate Freightliner Sprinter trucks using 5-cylinder diesel engines, which average 23 MPG as compared to more traditional gasoline engines at 13 MPG.


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