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Page Layout

  • Die lines or die line templates are always available for most of the products we produce. The folders for example have dozens of options such as tri folds or expansion pockets or spine capacity or special pockets.  These dies can be found at our web site: or ask your sales rep to email a die line of your specific product direct to you before you prepare your files for printing.  These are Adobe Illustrator EPS files. You can compose your artwork on top of the exact cutting die that will be used for your job. Proper formatting of your document can eliminate extra charges.

  • All bleeds should exceed the final trim size by a minimum of 1/8".

  • All copy should be kept a minimum of 1/4" from final trim.


  • Scan all images as close to 100% of final size as possible.

  • Grayscale and color scans should have an effective resolution of 300 dpi.

  • Linework scans should have a minimum effective resolution of 900 dpi.

  • Save TIF files without LZW compression.

  • Save EPS files with a Mac preview and Binary encoding, no compression.

  • Do not use files saved in jpg or gif format. These file formats compress the image causing color loss and blur. Most images from the web are these formats.

Files, Applications, & Folders

  • We accept both PC and Mac based files.

  • Prepare your files in a popular desktop publishing application such as QuarkXpress, Adobe PageMaker or CorelDraw.

  • Avoid using programs such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. These programs usually require more preparation time, meaning additional cost to you.

  • Use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and MacroMedia for support files.

  • Do not use special characters in file and folder names. For example: < > / \ : * ? " |


  • Fonts should be Type 1 Postscript fonts.

  • Avoid using TruType fonts

  • Include all fonts when you submit your job. We have an extensive font library, however subtle variations in some fonts can cause text to reflow. 

Getting it all together

When you are submitting your files, please be sure to include the following items:

  • All printer and screen fonts

  • All image files used in your documents (EPS and TIF files)

  • Hard copy proofs that match your file. Hardcopy proofs are critical to insure that the final output matches what you have intended your files to produce. Color laser proofs and black & white color-separated laser proofs are examples of hardcopy proofs.


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