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Proofing:  We can provide full color proofing for most of our offset or digital products.  We provide high quality hard copy digital proofs for both offset and digital products.  We have found most recently, a PDF proof emailed to the customer is often quite sufficient.  However when a hard copy proof is requested they are available to the customer.   If the product is being produced using digital technology a press proof is often supplied.  If the product is being run via offset technology, an excellent representation of the color can be achieved by using a digital proofiing system.

Sherpa - Digital Color Proof

  • The contract proof for our direct-to-plate system. It is calibrated to the printing presses and gives a color accurate representation of your printed product. This is the primary proof for matching color on press.

Colorline - Digital Dylux Proof

  • Our imposition proof. This proof is cut down and assembled to represent your finished, folded product. Although not intended to be totally color accurate, it does show color breaks.

Laser Proof

  • We can mail or fax this proof for any last-minute text revisions or layout changes.

Soft Proof or Monitor Proof

  • This is an image displayed on a video monitor to visually simulate the expected printing results. It cannot be used for color matching. It is useful for reviewing content and color breaks. PDF files are often used as soft proofs.

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