Finding and closing new business, regardless of your company's industry, location or size, depends greatly on a wide range of universally-related factors.  These are incredibly competitive times we live in, and this makes it important to demonstrate to prospective new accounts that you mean business.  As many have discovered through time and trial, how you present your products and/or services is of the most considerable importance.

Why Use Custom Marketing Materials for Presentations

There was a time when sending custom folders and packaging was simply a way of being flashy to impress a new account.  Not anymore.  In today's ultra-competitive super economy, most businesses don't stand a chance of getting their initial pitch heard without going the unique route.

Here are just a few of the key reasons to have your marketing, packaging and promotional materials done professionally, by experts who thoroughly understand the real value of creative branding.

Custom Printed Packaging Materials

Improves Chances of Having Your Sales Pitch Seen

Consider these two scenarios, if you will.  Companies A and B sell "X" product, and both want to get it in the hands of a local retailer.  Company A sends a few samples, along with a generic pitch letter in a plain brown box, accompanied by a predictable invite to call if anything is needed.  Company B, however, takes the time to produce a one-of-a-kind customized mail kit, complete with innovative packaging which utilizes bold colors, clean graphics, maybe even a hand-written address, with various samples and detailed cost analysis and profit explanation.

They've also included a DVD which allows said prospect to see their goods in a more dynamic manner, with a personal invitation and clear call to action.  Now, if you're the prospect, who do you end up calling back for a face-to-face?

Leaves a Longer-Lasting Impression on Buyers

Going back to our Company A & B example, consider which proposal/sample package is more likely to remain in the mind of your contact?  Not only do things like color, originality and innovative graphics make a substantially-stronger first impression, they've also been shown in hundreds of business model studies to remain more active and viable in the minds of business owners and buyers.

Utilizes the Proven Power of Subconscious Branding

Even if you aren't successful in your first attempt, you still gain an advantage over the company who rushed their pitch.  You may not hear from them for a few months or even a year, but when the time comes from them to make a move, you'll want to be remembered.  Custom packaging and presentation materials serve a unique purpose in not only making a great initial impression, they also work on the subconscious by creating images that stay active in the minds of those who view them.  In this case, the person with authority to sign off on your P.O.

For example, let's say your company colors are blue, green and red.  By consistently (and by this we mean every single time) using these in your presentations and pitch, something as simple as your buyer seeing them in something completely unrelated, can trigger a phone call.

Of course these are but a few examples; to truly understand the power and potential of custom marketing promotions and packaging, it's important to work with a company who specializes (not dabbles in) but specializes in precisely that line of work.

Custom Business Packaging Products in Rochester NY

If you own or operate a business in the Western NY or Rochester area, and are looking for a way to gain an immediate advantage over your competition, we invite you to see why more and more thriving companies trust Volpe Packaging.  We offer a diverse range of marketing and packaging options, to help you brand your company and close more new business sales.

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