The success of any new employee--whether at the entry or Senior level, will ultimately depend on how they were trained.  In today's surreally-competitive market, the efforts employed to inspire new employees, simply cannot afford to lack visual vibrancy.  At Volpe Packaging in Rochester, we're honored to be regarded as one of the most sought-after, trusted commercial packaging and presentation companies in Western NY.

Fortunately, for you and your happy & productive new hires, we absolutely love designing completely-customized new hire manuals, management training booklets, and new employee welcome kits.  It was one of the first custom packaging projects we took to, and have been loving it ever since.

Employee welcome kits allow you to get totally creative in all aspects of development.

  • Choose from countless possible designs, colors, styles, materials & more
  • We can tailor your Employee manuals to your industry, state, etc.
  • Custom training booklets available in practically all budgets
  • Choose from elegant, modern, simple, classic, edgy, subtle
  • Develop one manual, or a complete series for each  department
  • Showcase your company logo, mission statement, or colors

Have an Impact from the Very First Page

There's no longer a debate; it is well-known that information presented in color, is as much as 70% more retainable than its black & white, or grayscale counterparts.  The manual you hand your new team member on day one, will likely be working in ways we never fully understand; but it does work, and that means you need big, bold, engaging and colorful training manuals.

What statement are you looking to make to your new employee, manager or executive?  Are you in the market for something ultra-durable, such as our paperboard triple-ring binder, complete with fully-expandable pockets?  Or how about something as simple, like cleanly-designed spiral-bound manuals and training books.  Maybe something completely innovative, with custom insert capabilities, 4-color process printing, or a design you've dreamed up yourself.

If it can be done, we will always do our best to keep your next shining star in good reading.  For complete information on designing your own customized employee training manuals, or new hire booklets, call the experts at Volpe Packaging in Rochester, at (585) 738-9888

Custom Printed Binder Training Manuals