Generating new business can be a scary prospect here in 2014.  Not only are more companies trying to get their products and services in the hands of would-be customers, they're also getting more and more crafty when it comes to getting the attention of purchasing agents, buyers and business owners.  What this really equates to is this: Even if you're not taking the extra initiative to be creative with your proposal packages and marketing materials, your competition likely is.

Regardless of where you are in the sales cycle, whether it's the initial introduction or a 50/50 coin toss between you and a competing company, having the visually-creative edge can absolutely work in your favor.  Because as far too many good companies have found out, the most boring and lackluster presentations tend to yield chronic cases of being ignored.

Here are a few ways in which you can ensure that your proposals and marketing mailers will be seen and taken seriously.

Volpe Packaging - Software PackagingProspect-Centered Packaging

It's natural for a business to want to plaster their logos and colors and original photos all over their initial pitch.  And while we're certainly not advising against smart & consistent branding, it is equally vital to see things from the perspective of your prospect.  In many cases, this can be accomplished by giving them a sneak peak of what awaits, should they choose you over a competing business.

Create and include real examples of presentation materials that include not only your logo, but theirs as well.  Take the time to get to know their history, their industry, and the obstacles they face in doing business, and then present them with presentation and marketing materials that showcase their company, using their logos, themes and corporate colors.  Not only will this save them the trouble of having to determine how you can help, but moreover that you took the time to genuinely wow them.

Digital Media Sales Presentations

The days of long, wordy cover letters that brag about your strengths, will be about as effective as a VCR at a new technology expo.  It's simply not enough in this economy to invite a prospect to visit your website.  You're inadvertently making them do more work, and subsequently banking on the hopes that they will have the time and cognitive capacity to remember and/or type in your web address. 

The most efficacious way around this is to give them something they can view right there…not later, not tomorrow, but this instant.  This can be easily accomplished by including a professionally-created CD or DVD.  Something as simple as a brief PowerPoint, Sales video or virtual tour of your facility and resources, packaged in an eye-catching and colorful presentation package will go a long way.  Ultimately, it just might serve as the difference between a new sale or yet another rejection.

Increasing Your New Business Sales in Rochester NY

One of the common challenges we hear about, is not knowing which type of company to contact for custom presentation and packaging materials.  Ad agencies often outsource their printed materials and digital marketing to other companies, thus increasing the price you end up paying to make a statement.

At Volpe Packaging in Rochester NY, we specialize exclusively in creating stunning, 100% original packaging and marketing materials.  Whether you're looking for custom folder designs, customized binders or presentation materials, CD or DVD presentations, business event invitations or marketing literature, we can help you tailor a brand image that is sure to get the attention of even the most suborn or difficult-to-reach companies.

Call us today at 585-738-9888 to learn more about how custom packaging can help your business grow, while giving you a strong advantage over those using outdates contact methods.