One of the most frequent mistakes made by businesses small and large, is the inconsistency with which they go about marketing their products, website and services.  Now, we understand how temping it is to experiment with graphics, logos and packaging designs, but there's a true advantage for the company who understands the role that consistent brand recognition plays in both the immediate future and long term.  Let's explore some of the most fundamentally important:

Using Consistent Colors for Print, Web & Presentations

Volpe Packaging BrandingIf you haven't read our article about the importance of color in marketing, we strongly recommend starting there.  The proper use of color--especially color consistency--in your advertising and marketing materials is not to be underestimated.  Potential customers and clients are not only drawn to specific color arrangements, it's actually one of the easiest ways to remember you when the time comes to buy.  Mixing it up at the last minute might seem fun or edgy, but it can also be equally costly.

Update Your Graphics, Website & Packaging Simultaneously

We could spend hours talking about why not to update your visual media one element at a time, but for now let's just say that it can be extremely confusing to the company you're trying to close.  Many buyers equate consistency to stability, and some are quick to judge those who are always changing their look.  So when the time comes to update your logo, be sure to make it an across-the-board update of all visuals.  This includes your website, your packaging, your business documents, trade show displays, tri-fold brochures, and anything else used to promote your corporate image.

Let Your Branding Be Its Own Statement

Let's assume you own a website design company, but have decided to design all of your marketing and promotional materials with skulls, flowers, unicorns… whatever; does this really give your prospect the confidence that you take pride in your chosen line of work?  Ultimately, the imagery you choose for your company should be a reflective statement of what you can offer.  We're not saying not to get creative, that's monumental, but always factor in how the buyer or business owner on the other end may interpret it.

If you're interested in learning more about improving your brand's visual consistency, Volpe Packaging has a talented team of graphic & marketing experts on staff and ready to assist.  Give us a call anytime or contact us to find out what you can do, to improve your closing ratio via smart branding.