Increasing your company's new business sales, while attracting and retaining more clients, is an artform that few businesses truly understand, despite an endless series of failed attempts. In today's ultra-competitive business-eat-business industry, the need for efficient and effective marketing often results in rushed, poorly-researched efforts to get the word out quickly, and with little regard to how that message is perceived by the prospect. And this, for good or ill is why so many business owners become discouraged from marketing their products and services via promotional items.

In the spirit of helping our fellow WNY businesses make the most of their 2014 marketing campaigns, we at Volpe would like to go over a few of the more pressing things to keep in mind when using marketing promotional products to increase sales.

Custom Promotional Pen

Promotional Product Marketing Basics - The Essentials

Before you order thousands of the cheapest items available to brand your business, keep in mind how they will be received on the other end. This includes:

Select Items that Your Prospect Has a Functional Need For

promotional business cardWhy on earth would anyone send generic .10 pens to a company who manufactures high-end office supplies, or stress balls to a massage center? When it comes to marketing promo items, think about how they will end up on your prospects desk, wall or break room. If you're trying to break through with an accounting firm, choose items they need and use daily… for example, calculators, coffee mugs, post-it notes, and so on.

Make Sure Your Logo & Contact is Clear and Visible

Companies end up spending so much time comparing prices, that they end up forgetting to make their visual message jump off the item. Take time to design, and re-design if needed, a logo or graphics that will be ideally suited for the marketing tool your are sending. If you're sending custom white golf balls to a sports store, and have a white logo, create a new one that will genuinely pop. This will take all of an hour and serve you more effectively in the long run.

Fully-Customized Promotional Materials in Rochester NY

Make no mistake that many business deals have had their roots in a well-designed and thoroughly thought-out promotional marketing item. If you're in the Rochester or Western NY area and need help deciding which ones would best serve your purpose of increasing new business sales, Volpe Packaging can help. Call us at 585.738.9888 at your convenience to learn more, get answers, or schedule a complementary marketing brainstorm consultation.