Manufactures of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies & devices face many challenges when it comes to branding and distinguishing their products from the vast competition.  While product quality and safety should obviously be of foremost concern, short and long-term success is inevitably influenced by the allure of the exterior packaging.

For those who manufacture medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs, let's take a look at some of the things to consider when designing and printing custom packaging.

Custom Printed PackagingDesigns that Reflect Category & Quality

Your packaging needs to be a reflection of the user category you are marketing to, though many manufactures and commercial printers often overlook this.  For example, if you manufacture a line of cold medicines, it simply wouldn't make sense to showcase an image of a someone running under the summer sun, just as it would be equally inappropriate to place a picture of an elderly woman on a children's allergy formula.  And while these are two rather extreme and rare hypotheticals, it does happen; most often when drug manufacturers try to incorporate aspects of their established logo into the dominant theme of their print packaging.

Bold Colors & Professional Appearance

We've all picked up products that were printed in a hurry, or packaged in a manner that wreaked of low budget or a total lack of quality control.  If you've noticed it even once in your life, it's safe to assume that your potential buyer or end user will make the same distinction.  When it comes to products that are being marketed exclusively to improve human health & wellness, custom print packaging is definitely an area you won't want to skimp on.  Because just as faded colors and weak graphics can deter customers, clean lines and vibrant imagery can be effective in gaining their trust.

Retailer & Pharmacy Marketability

Never lose sight of the fact that your retail and pharmacy customers are always looking out for their own reputations.  You may have the best products in the industry, but if you present them in flimsy, poorly-printed boxes, how inclined will they be to give them prime placement on their shelves?  By working with a commercial printer who genuinely understands, and moreover appreciates, the value of dynamic pharmaceutical packaging, your brand will have a much better chance at sustaining and thriving in the long run.

Volpe Packaging is located in Rochester NY, and proudly offers a wide range of custom printing and packaging solutions for pharmaceutical products, as well as other medical-related industries.