I have an exciting announcement to make about our service...

new gloss folderWe have a new finish to add to our lamination capabilities.  We call it "soft touch"  it is a mat smooth lamination that feels almost like skin!  It can be used to offer durability and thickness and a nice contrast to our famous high gloss film lamination.  This soft touch lamination can also be used with a spot gloss UV coating over specified images and logos for a super contrast affect.  If you have a logo or image you want to really Pop, we can add the spot UV gloss to just that image and it will get noticed!

We just applied this soft touch and gloss UV coating decorating techniques to a presentation folder for a new client.  I have lots of samples to show you.

Take my advice, and consider this for your next presentation folder, binder, box, mailer or custom item soon.  As always I am looking forward to working with you soon.