Have you ever noticed that the most memorable and successful corporate logos and brands, are those which incorporate the most vivid use of colors and color schemes in their marketing?  While it’s understandable that many businesses want a more edgy black & white or greyscale look, knowing how and when to use color is more than just a measure of professional creativity; it's actually backed by a wealth of studies and science.

What's even more intriguing, is that the use of color has been shown to not only enhance brand recognition when used in logos… some of the most exhausting studies have shown that it can have an equally positive impact when used in any number of vital business documents.  This includes, but is clearly not limited to, the use of color in the production and presentation of:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Banner & Website Graphics
  • Mailers & Brochures

How Color Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Custom Printed PackagingDepending on the source of the many business models and studies conducted over the year on color in marketing and advertising, it's been estimated that the average user is nine times more likely to embrace and retain something they saw in color, as opposed to something that was presented in a monochrome scheme.  And here's another fun factoid: The specific details of documents presented in color are estimated to be 70% more memorable on command, than those in black and white.  Why?  It's simple, people are drawn to and associate themselves with specific colors.

A study conducted by the University of Winnipeg in Canada reported that, on average, 9 out of every 10 impulse purchases were inspired by the specific colors used to promote or package said item.  This alone speaks volumes of the impact that proper color use can have when marketing, advertising or promoting your products.

Implementing Proper Colors into Your Packaging & Marketing

Since it's impossible to know exactly which arrangement of colors will work best for your products, services, packaging or marketing campaigns, it is essential to work with branding experts who understand and utilize this practice on a daily basis.  Randomly whipping together any old arrangement of colors, as evidenced by years of controlled research, simply won't fly in today's market.

For businesses in Rochester or the Western NY region who understand and appreciate the impact color can have on their bottom line, Volpe Packaging remains an authority on the use of color in marketing and packaging.  If you're struggling with finding just the right brand identity for your company, call Volpe today at 585-738-9888 to speak with one of their in-house graphic & branding specialists.