If you've ever walked the floor at one of your industry's trade shows, expos, or conventions, you have likely seen more than your fair share of big, bright, brilliantly-designed banners and banner stands.  And there's a reason why you've seen them… banners get recognized, period.

Businesses have been using display banners for a myriad of promotional and branding reasons.  Whether it's grabbing a prospective new client's attention at a national convention, wowing your customers at the company's annual open house, or making a long-lasting impression at a local event, creating promotional banners is one of the most effective and affordable ways to attract new business, while boosting your company's brand awareness.

Take this one for example:  The banner shown in the photograph was custom designed for one of our longtime clients, Income 180.  As evidenced by the design and detail, banner stands grant you the opportunity to achieve maximum advertising potential, without the high rates associated with lesser channels.  This is what has made display banners such a wild success for so many local businesses; by giving them a highly visible voice and image that stands out, amongst a sea of competitors.

Volpe Banner StandBanners Allow for Limitless Promotional Creativity

Here is just a sampling of what you can include on a custom banner, to help draw the attention of new and existing clients, regardless of where you're showcasing products and services.  Large stand banners can be designed to impart:     

  • Your company's logo or trademark statements
  • Specific/branded company colors, pantones or color schemes
  • Images of new, hot, or well-recognized products
  • Your business' established-by date, if that's something you promote
  • Photos of employees, board members or management team
  • The details of a specific event, or a simple "welcome' message     

Banner Stands for Rochester NY Businesses

Rochester is home to many successful NY businesses; many of whom can trace their success back to a well-designed trade show or convention banner.  If you're in the Rochester area and looking for an easy and effective way to promote your business, Volpe Packaging is an excellent contact to have. 

All of their banners are printed locally in Rochester, after first being designed by one of Volpe's talented graphic designers.  To ensure quality, durability and long life, they use leading-edge digital large-format print technology, and thoroughly inspect all banners for accuracy and detail.  Each banner comes with a complementary canvas carrying case, making it easy to transport and set up in less than a minute!  And the best part?  You can have a banner similar to this one for just $375; a small price to pay for what it will give you in return over the years.

Ready to make 2013 the most successful year in your company's history?  Call the digital printing and banner design specialists at Volpe Packaging, one of the most trusted digital printing companies in Rochester NY!