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Turned & Sewn Custom Binders

We offer turned & sewn binders made of expanded supported imitation leather vinyls.  Our color selection is large.  A variety of grain finishes are available to make your binder look and feel like genuine leather, at less then half the price!  Foam added to lids gives a soft, plush, ultimate quality appearance.

We produce top quality turned & sewn custom binders and French sewn zipper binders made  with plush expanded and supported materials.  Our imitation leather and expanded vinyls are less then half the cost of real leather, but don’t let that fool you.  These products are excellent for important presentations that demand attention.  We guarantee you'll love the quality of our turned & sewn binders.  We provide you with decorated sample proofs for your review before we produce the production run.  This way, you can relax while we manufacture your custom order!  Options include padded lids, brass corners, a great variety of colors and grain choices,  brass rings, and more. Call today for samples and quotes.

Customed Printed Sewn Binders

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