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Turned Edge Custom Binder Products by Volpe & Associates

Turned Edge Binders offer a heavy duty binder option made with litho wrapped press sheets and thick chip board for a heavy weight yet offset printed brochure quality printing. Turned Edge binders can offer full color printing and solid durable film lamination for an unbeatable combination of rigidity, quality, and look!

We provide great quality turned edge products using Gloss Laminated Offset Printed press sheets, carefully wrapped to binder board and box board to create an outstanding looking and durable product.  We will use your company designs or assist you in the design and layout of a whole new look, made specifically for you.

These products are often hand crafted, but can be automated with higher quantities.  The classic look and feel give the binder qualities that make your organization shine!

Binders, Notebooks, Pad holders, Slip Cases, and Custom Boxes can all be manufactured by Volpe using our turned edge construction.

Turned Edge Binders

turned edge binders custom turned edge binders

custom printed sewn ring binder

Sewn Ring Binder

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