Anyone who owns or manages a business will tell you the same thing; when it comes to increasing brand awareness and name recognition, it's just as important to be consistent, as it is to think outside the lines.  Branding is about more than just staying relevant, it's about letting your target market know that you have solutions to the problems they face every day.  This, of course, poses the question on how to go about getting and keeping their attention?

Here are our top picks on how to increase ROI and brand your company, through effective print and media marketing.

Business Folders

Custom Printed Business FolderIf you're in an industry which relies on literature and presentations, customized business folders are a wise choice when it comes to branding your image.  There are many sizes and styles at your disposal, and folders can include features such as pockets, business card holders, special coatings, UV finishes and more.  Be sure to pick a main color that is in line with your logo and other print materials. Read More

Trifold Brochures

Trifold BrochureTrifolds allow you to condense a great deal of your company information into a compact, easy to read one-page brochure.  They're perfect for drop-by prospecting and canvasing, direct mail, or handing to customers during meetings or quick-pitch scenarios. Read More

Banner Stands

Custom Printed Banner StandsFrom trade shows and conventions, to local business expos and open houses at your location, a well-designed vinyl banner will really go a long way.  Remember, these are for exposure and attention-getting purposes.  You don’t need to tell your entire company history.  Use bold fonts and your most current logo, and be sure to buy a stand that fits your banner. Read More

Custom Packaging

Custom packagingWhat do you do to boost brand awareness among clients and those considering your services for the first time?  Many successful companies have found custom company packaging to be an affordable and economical way to demonstrate higher levels of professionalism and appeal.  Be sure to keep you logo and graphics subtle and consistent. Read More

Custom Binders

Custom Printed BindersBinders are a fantastic way to showcase your presentations, portfolio, quarterly reports and many other types of document arrangements.  In addition to being fully customizable, business binders are available in sizes that accommodate everything from a few pages, to a few hundred pages.  Some of the most popular include Clear View, Paperboard, Small Ring and Poly binders. Read More

Business Cards

Custom Printed Business CardsOf course, how could we possibly forget about business cards.  For many entrepreneurs, they're the first and most frequently used marketing tool in their repertoire.  And it's amazing how far they've come.  Today's business cards are available in a dizzying array of options, including die-cut, rounded edge business cards, silk laminated, metallic foil, fold overs and many more. Read More

Promotional Marketing Items

Promotional ProductsFrom the most simple customized pens, coffee mugs and Post-it notes, to more elaborate customized clothing, calendars and office accessories, promotional marketing remains one of the most popular and proven ways to boost brand awareness.  Be clever, and consider sending something your prospect will reach for daily. Read More

Custom Branding & Marketing Solutions in Rochester NY

Are you a business looking to stand out from the pack?  Need to increase your customer base without going broke in the process?  Volpe & Associates offers a comprehensive array of web and print marketing services to help you grow and thrive.  Call us today at 585-738-9888 or e-mail us to learn more or get expert advice on how to maximize your brand advertising.